The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™

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This 13-minute FREE tutorial video from Dr. Evan Osar, outlines the ABC’s of corrective exercise & how any personal trainer can implement them into their current training system.

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Leading Corrective Exercise Expert Reveals His Proven System To Help Fitness Professionals Assess Postural & Movement Problems and Develop A Corrective Exercise Strategy That Accelerates Results...

Discover how this unique approach will allow you to become a corrective exercise specialist!

Dear fellow fitness professional,

Still confused about what assessment and corrective exercise system you should use?

Unless you’re stuck in the 90s, you know that assessments are a must in your training systems. The million-dollar question is which one you should use!

For most systems, you either get an oversimplified version or a truly complex version that requires a Ph.D. to implement.

The trouble is an oversimplified version won’t always transfer to a majority of your clients. Sometimes, they even make matters worse.

What good is a protocol that you use over and over that doesn’t produce results?

It leads to the client getting frustrated and, in turn, you getting frustrated.

And those fancy overcomplicated methods? Well, they may not produce either.

Did you know that several studies show success rates of physical therapy to only be in the 50-59% range?

That’s like flipping a coin in hopes that you will get better! And that’s when you work with a qualified professional.

Here are some more scary stats to review:

  • Over 100 million Americans suffer from some type of chronic pain. Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in working age adults – and most cases of arthritis can be categorized as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease – in other words it is the result of wear and tear related to an individuals habits and not a result of their genetics or heredity.
  • Low back pain is the most commonly reported type of pain (ahead of headaches!). Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45 and is one of the most common causes of missed workdays in this country…greater than $50 billion is spent every year in this country just treating low back pain.
  • Knee and shoulder pain accounts for over one-third of doctor visits for musculoskeletal issues. Most of these issues are related to repetitive injuries or are a direct result of how these individuals are sitting, walking, reaching, lifting, and exercising.
  • Over 100,000 Americans will have their hip or knee joint replaced this year...and the average age of these individuals having these surgeries is going down while the numbers of people having joint replacements is on the rise
  • 70% of individuals will experience neck pain making it almost as common a problem as low back pain.

Research also shows that most of these people will seek out non-operative measures to correct their pain.

You’d have to be the luckiest trainer in the world to only work with healthy clients who don’t have a need for corrective exercise.

That means more and more clients who come to you will be in need of corrective exercise, but to introduce the right corrective exercise strategy, you need a proper assessment process.

One cannot successfully exist without the other.

Think back to the last 20 clients you worked with.

Did they have tight hips? A forward shoulder posture or discomfort? Tightness or discomfort in their back? Thoracic tightness or limited range of motion?

Most trainers aren’t training elite athletes or the high-level fitness enthusiast.

You’re working with the everyday Joe and Jane who want to move better, look better, and feel better.

These clients need help, and they are likely coming to you with pre-existing issues.

So you have two choices:

  1. Only train healthy individuals who have no issues.
  2. Learn to assess clients and apply the right corrective exercise protocol.

If you choose #1, your client load will be pretty light (and so will your wallet)!

You’re going to have to learn how to help clients overcome their movement issues and prepare themselves to be healthier versions of themselves.

That’s exactly why I partnered with Dr. Evan Osar to bring you the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Evan Osar is an internationally recognized lecturer, author, and expert on assessment, corrective exercise, and movement. What makes Dr. Osar so unique in the fitness and rehabilitation industry is that he has dedicated his life to studying and synthesizing the very best information from the fields of rehabilitation, conditioning, and performance.

Early in his career, Dr. Osar recognized that the majority of the training approaches being taught to fitness professionals were focused on working with high-functioning individuals like athletes and that there wasn't a system that adequately addressed the specific needs of the general population client with postural alterations, chronic muscle imbalances, and movement dysfunction. He developed the Integrative Movement System™, the industry's first assessment and corrective exercise strategy designed to specifically help the health and fitness professional work with the general population. The Integrative Movement System was designed to be seamlessly incorporated into functional training, Pilates, yoga, and sport-specific conditioning programs.

Dr. Osar's mission is to help health and fitness professionals become recognized as “the movement-based solution to the healthcare crisis.” To support fitness professionals in their goal of becoming that solution, Dr. Osar and his wife Jenice Mattek created Fitness Education Seminars™, which provides free newsletter, video, and webinar resources on assessment, corrective exercise, and functional exercise.

Discover his unique, principle-based approach to fixing clients

There are three primary areas that you should focus on as a fitness professional:

These areas are the root of most client issues you will be faced with correcting to help your clients reach their full potential. By using the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach, you will have a simple, principle-based system that allows you to correct the problems while maintaining your own training philosophy.

The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach will help you discover

  • The fundamental approach to creating optimal posture and movement with your clients so that they can train more often and with more intensity to get the results they desperately want
  • How to assess the core, shoulder, and hip complexes to understand what NOT to do with your clients so that you can save time and frustration
  • The 3 principles of the Integrative Movement System that will allow you to help your client develop optimal posture and movement so that they can train pain free
  • Proven strategies that will help you develop a rock-solid corrective exercise protocol for your client that will speed up their results
  • A progressive approach to identify and truly correct posture and movement issues to allow clients to spend more time doing the things they enjoy

And much more!

Dr. Osar is going to teach you the fundamental ABCDE’s of the 3 most common areas causing issues with your clients: the core, shoulder, and hip.

Discover the true function of muscles and what they do in real life so that you understand how to help your clients get better faster.

Now that you understand the true function of the muscles, you will discover how movement impacts the function of the core, shoulders, and hips.

Applying the knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, you will now be able to implement a corrective-exercise program that will specifically help your clients and solve their biggest problems.

Too many systems start and stop with basic corrective exercises, but this system will teach you how to progress clients and integrate their corrective exercises into their training.

Showing clients what to do isn’t enough! Dr. Osar will teach you how to educate your clients on what to do and NOT to do so that they can get better faster and you can empower clients to have control over their own program.

By using these 5 fundamentals in your assessment process and corrective exercise prescription, you’ll be able to quickly identify not only the true issues the client is facing but also the plan of attack to fix it—for good.

Using the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach, you’ll view fixing your clients’ movement and posture issues from a different angle than most.

While any trainer can learn how to apply the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach, this isn’t a system where you simply take the client through a few movements and utilize a warm up with some corrective exercises to fix the problem.

What Is the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach?

The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach starts with the Assessment. You must evaluate your client to discover the root cause of the problems. Dr. Osar covers both movement and alignment assessments to ensure that you uncover any hidden issues that may be present for your client.

The best part about this system? You don’t need any fancy tools or kits to complete it. All you need is a pair of eyes and a client!

That’s where things start to get a bit more involved than many approaches you may see with corrective exercise.
Dr. Osar has created a unique process called Release-Activate-Integrate to begin the corrective exercise approach.

This three-step process is the key to having long-lasting success with your clients’ corrective-exercise programs and truly changing their posture and movement for the better.

If you aren’t able to maintain your clients’ improvements after your sessions, you (and they) will be frustrated with the lack of improvement.

The first step in the process is allowing the overactive muscles to release, which will help the client relax into a position that will allow you to create some positive changes.

If you skip this step, as most other corrective exercise and assessment systems do, you will be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to correcting posture. It would be like attempting to drive with your parking brake on.

Once you have successfully coaxed the right muscles into releasing, you can now start to teach the body how to activate the proper muscles so that the client can learn and feel the right way to move.

This small but critical step will help the client understand how to carry over the changes you are making into movement.

And now for the secret step: Integrating these new patterns into movement through low-level and progressive exercise patterns so that your clients can get started training at full force.

The Fitness Industry Is Changing

If there is one constant about the fitness industry, it is that it is is constantly adapting and progressing, which is a wonderful thing. The trouble is that most trainers get stuck in one way of thinking and do not continue to build on their knowledge.

When clients come to you for the first time, they are presenting more and more postural and movement issues. For this reason, we are starting to see the need for trainers to become more educated in corrective exercise strategies.

When you complete the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach, you will have all the skills you need to properly assess a client, identify the postural and movement issues that are holding them back, and create a proper corrective exercise strategy to help them fix their issues for good!

The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach IS NOT designed to help you treat pain or cross the line into physical therapy. But it WILL give you the knowledge and tools to help clients move and feel better while being able to assess when to refer out to another professional for more advanced help.

Imagine how successful you will be when your clients are raving about how great they feel and how you have fixed their problems when you use this unique approach.

No more guessing, hoping that your shotgun approach to corrective exercise will help clients overcome their issues. The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach shows you exactly how to pinpoint the problem with a full lineup of assessments and a corrective exercise plan that will carry over to your clients’ training and life.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With hundreds of trainers entering the market every day and new facilities popping up constantly, there’s no room for error when it comes to making sure you stand out from the crowd.

How will your clients know that you’re the best?

You can’t be just a trainer anymore! You have to develop unique skill sets and become a specialist.

This is particularly true if you work with the general population. Every day, it becomes a little tougher to distance yourself from the other trainers and gyms in the area.

We’re making the knowledge and tools available so that you can be the only trainer in your area who helps your clients get results faster, experience fewer movement problems, and feel better quicker than everyone else.

Not only that, but you’ll also be providing them a long-term solution.

That means your clients will be talking about you more and referring more friends and family.

There are few things more powerful than impacting the way someone moves or feels. If you can help them experience less pain, have better posture, correct movement problems, and feel better overall, they will become raving fans.

If not, you risk blending in with the rest of the crowd.

It’s well known that specialists earn more and are more respected in every industry.

The same holds true for you as a specialist who can help clients overcome postural and movement problems that have held them back for years.

Once you’ve completed the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Digital Course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand movement and posture in an entirely different way. This course isn’t your watered down “assessments for dummies” program that you may get with other systems.
  • Leverage a new skill set that will enhance your current knowledge and expertise as a trainer. This advancement will allow you to continue to stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Quickly identify the fastest and simplest route to get the end result your client wants—no more guessing which exercises will work or being frustrated over a lack of progress.
  • Identify the exercises that will benefit your client and the common exercises many trainers use that actually hold their clients back. This knowledge will allow you to constantly progress clients without encountering setbacks.

Here’s how the Integrative Movements System has helped others just like you:

Andrea K.

Many new clients have come my way, and they are so grateful that they can learn to exercise again, free of pain. It seems like magic sometimes. I look forward to using all of this amazing information. 

Andrea K.
Robert S.

What Evan does is so unique in its contribution to the body of health and human performance education.  There are a lot of gurus out there with lots of information and research about “a” specific training or assessment method.  They tend to share that information with fitness professionals and performance coaches looking through the context of a narrow lens which is oftentimes limited in scope and practice. Evan has synthesized numerous perspectives and research on a ton of complex topics into one practical system which is comprised of the best material out there for identifying and helping to correct posture and movement dysfunction. You’ll have practical tools that allow you to become more efficient and effective in assessing human movement and programming corrective exercise methods where applicable.  In addition to this, you’ll have a much broader perspective that will give you the ability to offer a level of results to your clients that not many trainers or coaches in your area will have. And this is priceless…

Robert S.
Ellen L.

This information has completely changed how I work with my clients. Dr. Evan Osar presents a way to look at human movement that is both radically different yet so intuitive and obvious that it is at times shocking that no-one has ever been able to put it together this way before.

Ellen L.
Steven S.

This program is an incredibly comprehensive, yet practical and effective tool for any fitness professional today. These concepts have produced immediate results for my fitness business, allowing me to expand my target client base and increase my exposure to the post rehabilitation population. The video modules and support materials are first rate. I highly recommend the investment in this program.

Steven S.

With more and more clients needing help improving their posture and restoring movement, the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach can help you step up your training game and become a sought-after specialist.

What’s in the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Course?

The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Course is unlike any other Assessment or Corrective Exercise product or system available to you. Your not just going to learn a few quick moves to assess a client and some basic ‘cover-all’ corrective exercises.

Dr. Osar is going to teach you his entire system top to bottom and show you how to integrate it into your current programs.

Module 1: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™

Video 1: What is the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™?

Video 2: The 10 Principles of the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™

Module 2: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ - The Principles of Corrective Exercise

Video 1: Introduction to the Principles of the Integrative Movement System

Video 2: Introduction to the Thoracopelvic Canister (Core)

Video 3: Biomechanics and Control of the Thoracopelvic Canister

Video 4: Dysfunction of the Thoracopelvic Canister

Video 5: Dysfunction of the Thoracopelvic Canister (continued)

Video 6: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ To Training the Hip Complex

Video 7: Biomechanics and Control of the Hip Complex

Video 8: Dysfunction of the Hip Complex

Video 9: Dysfunction of the Hip Complex (continued)

Video 10: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ To Training the Shoulder Complex

Video 11: Biomechanics of the Shoulder Complex

Video 12: Control of the Shoulder Complex and Dysfunction

Video 13: Dysfunction of the Shoulder Complex (continued)

Module 3: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ - Assessment

Video 1 – Postural Assessment – lateral alignment

Video 2 – Postural Assessment – posterior alignment

Video 3 – Postural Assessment – anterior alignment

Video 4 – Postural Assessment – shoulder alignment

Video 4a – Scapular Alignment and Control

Video 5 – Postural Assessment – seated knee alignment

Video 6 – Postural and Breathing Assessment – lying posture and breathing

Video 7 – Lying Assessment of Internal and External Rotation – Hips and Shoulders

Video 8 – Overhead Length Assessment

Module 4: Utilizing the Principles of the Integrative Movement System to Restore Optimal Thoracopelvic Canister (TPC) Function

Video 1 – Developing Optimal Thoracopelvic Canister (TPC) Alignment

Video 2 – Developing Optimal Three-dimensional Breathing

Video 3 – Developing Optimal Three-dimensional Breathing (continued)

Video 4 – Developing Optimal Control – Incorporating the Psoas

Video 5 – Developing Optimal Control – Psoas Activation

Video 6 – Developing Optimal Control – Modified Happy Baby Pattern – Level I: Alternate leg lift

Video 7 - Developing Optimal Control – Modified Happy Baby Pattern – Level II: Leg Suspension with Three-dimensional breathing

Video 8 - Developing Optimal Control – Modified Happy Baby Pattern – Level III: Dead Bug Progression

Video 9 – Developing Optimal Control – Modified Happy Baby Pattern – Level III: Pullovers

Module 5: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ to Release Myofascial Restriction – Mindful Release™

Video 1: Introduction to Mindful Release and Self Myofascial Release

Video 2: Foam Roller Release of Lower Extremity

Video 3: Mindful Release for the Hamstrings

Video 4: Mindful Release for the Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major

Video 5: Mindful Release for the Pectoralis Minor

Module 6: The Corrective Exercise Patterns

Video 1: Muscle Activation Strategy: V.I.P.B.

Video 1a: Modified Dead Bug – Level 1: hook lying

Video 2: Modified Dead Bug – Level 2: legs lifted

Video 3: Modified Dead Bug – Level 3: with heel drop

Video 4: Lying Ball Curls – Level 1: isometric hold

Video 5: Lying Ball Curls – Level 2: ball curl

Video 6: Modified Clam Shell

Video 7: Modified Side Lying Hip Abduction with Leg Slide

Video 8: Hip Hinge Bridge

Video 9: Hip Hinge Bridge – Progression

Video 10: Marching Bridge

Video 11a: Single Leg Bridge

Video 11b: Supported Squat

Video 11c: Squat – Bodyweight

Video 11d: Squat Pattern – Depth Considerations

Video 11e: Hip Hinge

Video 12: Prone Lengthening

Video 13a: Modified Quadruped

Video 13b: Modified Quadruped with Elbow Extension

Video 14: Modified Wall Plank

Video 15: Modified Wall Plank with Arm Slide

Video 16: Modified Wall Plank with Rotation

Video 17: Lying Arm Slides

Module 7: The Progressive Exercise Patterns  

Core (Thoracopelvic Canister) Patterns

Video 1a: Lateral weight shift

Video 1b Lateral weight shift with Band Resistance

Video 2a: Chop Pattern – High to Low Chop

Video 2b: Chop Pattern – Low to High Chop

Video 3a: Squat Pattern with Isometric Band Hold

Video 3b: Split Squat with Isometric Band Hold – oblique

Video 3c: Split Stance with Isometric Band Hold – overhead

Squat Patterns

Video 1: Split Stance Position into the Split Squat (front view)

Video 2: Split Stance Position into the Split Squat (side view)

Video 3: Split Stance Position – Common Dysfunction and Correction

Video 3a: Split Stance Position – Common Dysfunction and Correction

Video 4: Split Stance Position – Knee Considerations

Video 5: Split Squat – Dumbbell Loaded

Video 6: Split Squat – Elevated Rear Leg

Video 7: Goblet Squat

Deadlift Patterns

Video 1: Stiff Legged Deadlift

Video 2: Traditional Deadlift

Video 3: Deadlift – Common Dysfunction and Correction

Step out Patterns

Video 1: Lateral Step Out

Video 2: Lateral Step Out with Band Resistance

Video 3: Lateral Band Walks

Step Patterns

Video 1: Step Down/Step Up

Video 2: Step Up

Video 3: Lateral Step Off

Pushing Patterns

Video 1: Overhead Dumbbell Press

Video 2a: Overhead Dumbbell Press Corrections

Video 2b: Overhead press with Band Resistance

Video 3: Suspended Fallouts

Video 4: Suspended Fallouts – Common Dysfunction and Corrections

Video 5: Suspended Fallouts Progression

Video 6: Push Up

Video 7: Push Up – Common Dysfunction and Corrections

Video 8: Dumbbell Chest Press

Video 9: Dumbbell Chest Press – Common Dysfunction and Correction

Video 10: Dumbbell Chest Press – in Happy Baby Position

Video 11: Standing Chest Press with Band Resistance

Pulling Patterns

Video 1: Reclined Pull Up

Video 2: Reclined Pull Up – Common Dysfunction and Corrections

Video 3: Dumbbell Row

Video 4: Band Row – Bilateral and Alternating Patterns

Video 5: Band Row – Unilateral Patterns

Module 8: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ to Program Design

Video 1: The Components of Program Design – Introduction

Video 2: The Components of Program Design – Designing the Session

Video 3: The Components of Program Design – Designing the Session

Video 4: The Components of Program Design – Designing the Session

Plus, $415.00 in FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ to Optimal Sitting ($99.00 Value)

Your clients are spending several hours a day sitting down either at work or home, which could be undoing all your hard work with them in your sessions. In this module Dr. Osar will show you exactly how to teach your clients to sit so that your corrective exercises stick and you can begin fixing their problems for good.

Bonus #2: Sample Program Design Using The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ ($49.00 Value)

Dr. Osar shows you how he would use this unique system to develop a complete program in this PDF printout that you can use as your model for training.

Bonus #3: Developing Your Business Model using the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ ($149.00 Value)

All this is great, but how do you use it to make more money? Dr. Osar shows you how to develop a model of business around your newly found knowledge and skills so that you can stand out from the pack.

Bonus #4: Assessment Chapter from Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction ($19.00 Value)

To become truly great at corrective exercise you must understand how to assess your client. You must understand what optimal alignment looks like, how posture relates to movement dysfunction, and more importantly how to determine your whether your client has an optimal movement strategy. In this informative chapter borrowed from his highly acclaimed book Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction, Dr. Osar covers postural and movement assessment, range of motion, and muscle testing. Since you can’t change what you’re not aware of, this is a must resource if you truly want to help your detect what is contributing to your client’s issues and what you most need to address to best help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Bonus #5: The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ to Improving Thoracic Mobility (Value $99.00)

Developing strategies for improving thoracic mobility is one of the most commonly requested topics when it comes to corrective exercise. Improving thoracic mobility is quite easy if you understand why clients lose it in the first place. Without understanding why individuals lose thoracic mobility in the first place, many of our industry approaches to improving strength are directly contributing to the loss of thoracic mobility. Rather than providing an endless list of thoracic mobility exercises you can do with your clients, in this bonus video Dr. Osar explains the 3 reasons your clients are losing thoracic mobility and the 3 things you absolutely must do to ensure your corrective and integrative exercise strategy is helping improve and not contributing to the loss of thoracic mobility. You will not look at thoracic mobility the same after this video.

Earn CEUs

By completing the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Digital Course, you will have the opportunity to earn valuable CEUs through the NSCA & NASM.

The course has been approved for 0.9 CEU's.

After completing this course, you’ll have everything you need to be considered a specialist by your clients and your peers. All that’s left is putting it to practice!

After completing the course and passing the exam you will not only be awarded CEUs but you will receive a certification of completion to prove that you have done the work to learn the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach.

Train Your Team

One of the biggest obstacles a fitness business owner has is ensuring their team is all on the same page when it comes to their training systems. Using common language, practicing the same techniques, and using the same approach to programming are huge obstacles.

With the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach, you will be able to train your entire team on the methods and principles taught by Dr. Osar so that your clients will experience the same assessment and corrective-exercise program from any and all of your trainers.

The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach takes the guesswork out of corrective-exercise programming!

What’s Your Investment?

Dr. Osar charges upwards of $5,000.00 to deliver this information in a seminar and is one of the most sought-after experts in the world. He could easily charge $1999.99 for the information you will get in the ICE Approach.

It’s that powerful!

Many of the other assessment or corrective-exercise programs or products out there cost upwards of $300.00-500.00 for the course material alone. And some require another few hundred dollars to invest in special equipment needed to actually put it to use—not to mention the extra costs if you want to train an entire team.

That could add up to thousands for you as a business owner!

That’s why we’ve created the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Digital Course! We wanted to give more trainers the opportunity to learn how to become a corrective-exercise specialist who may not be ready to pay thousands for the hands-on seminar, just aren’t happy with their current assessment system, and need to complete the course on their own schedule without having to leave their business or family.

Get the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach™ at the tiniest investment possible, just $299 today!

Like any other industry, the fitness industry rewards the early adopters. You heard above from some of Dr. Osar’s students and how much the Integrative Movement System and the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach has impacted their business and clients.

You need to jump on this right now, before every other trainer realizes the impact it will have for them!

But the honest truth is that most trainers will pass this over, thinking either that they don’t need a new or better assessment system or that this doesn’t apply to them.

And that’s OK—this course isn’t for everyone. It was designed to help the highest-level fitness professional distance themselves from the rest of the field.

The Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach is for the 5% of fitness pros who are in this industry to help people and understand the value of quality information and education.

Is it coincidence that the same 5% will also be the most successful and build great careers and great businesses? I think not.

Are you one of the 5%?



We’re so confident that you’ll love the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Digital Course that we are offering a 365-Day, 100%, no-questions-asked guarantee!

If you don’t feel that you can get 10x your investment back from this course after you’ve purchased it, simply let us know, and we will be happy to refund your entire investment.

The fitness pros and trainers who complete this course and apply the information will have no trouble accelerating their careers, so we have no problem backing up our course with this amazing guarantee!

That Makes This Course an Absolute "No-Brainer" You Need to Start Your Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach Digital Course Today!

Either you can make the commitment to continuing your development as a coach by learning the ICE Approach to help clients get results faster, or you can continue to be frustrated trying to figure how to solve your clients’ movement and posture issues.

Or, worse, if you aren’t able to come up with a solution, or if you take too long to help them, you risk losing clients. They’ll simply go somewhere else to find a way to fix their problem.

Since you’ve read along this far, I know you’re one of the 5% who is at least interested in becoming an expert, establishing a position as the go-to corrective exercise specialist, and helping your clients achieve their goals faster.

Get It Today for Just $299!


P.S. With so many people facing chronic pain issues and seeking non-surgical solutions for their problems, every trainer needs to have a great assessment system and corrective-exercise strategy.

Either you can continue following industry fads and trends to implement an oversimplified version of an assessment and taking the shotgun approach to corrective exercise strategy…

…or you can implement the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach, which will teach you the principles and proven methods Dr. Osar has used with thousands of patients and taught to hundreds of other fitness professionals.

The shotgun approach is frustrating for both you (the trainer) and the client.

Avoid that by learning the Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach and take the guesswork out of your assessment and corrective-exercise programs.

You’ll get clients faster, longer-lasting results!

Get It Today for Just $299!


P.P.S With our 10x Guarantee there is NO RISK in this investment. If you’re not 100% satisfied AND you don’t see a 10x return on your investment anytime in the next 365 days let me know and I’ll return your entire investment. It’s that simple!